Taste test

Taste test

Castlemaine group enjoying taste test

Taste test

Taste test

10 people called on Werona Grove today on the Mt Alexander Community bus. This was part of a ‘Catering for large numbers and using local product’ course they are doing through the shire training program.
While the group ate their lunch, we talked about growing olives and some of the aspects of producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then finishing up with an oil tasting. A quick tour around part of the grove and garden and they were back on the bus, heading for Castlemaine and home.
Nicki, from Growing Abundance who is the course coordinator, uses Werona Grove olive oil for her many large catering events mainly in the region.


One thought on “Taste test

  1. Magnificent oil from a lovely setting in the picturesque setting of Werona. The location and the property are nearly as charming as the folks at Werona Olive Groves. As friendly and helpful as I have ever experienced people to be, anywhere in the country.

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